Still possible to anchor output bus fader to the right in mixer panel?

A minor thing - but I wondered if it was still possible to set up the mixer panel so that I have my output bus anchored to the right side?

I can’t seem to find the controls that used to allow that.

Which version are you on? I think (don’t have my Laptop with Elements here at the moment to check) in Elements that’s the default and you don’t have the three Zones that you can put channels in that comes with the Pro Version. In the Pro version it’s set in the tab on the left hand side of the mixer.

They’ve changed the design in 9.5 (wonder why, but…). In the channel list there are checkmarks now, in the zones tab there are two dots still but only one is visible until you click onto that _invisible do_t :confused:

Yeah, I thought that design choice was weird, it’d be nice to at least have a little box for the checkmark to go in.

Got it! That is some sneaky UI!