Still possible to download the 9.5 trial?

I’m on CP 8.0. Would like to try 9.5 since 10 trial is not out yet.
I follow the link to the 9.5 trial on Steinberg website. I got the the email to with the “Confirm your subscription and get your activation code”, logged into my account and got “You’ll receive the Cubase Pro trial download link via email now.” message but receive no email.

Any idea?

It seems very unlikely you’ll get a 9.5 trial as you won’t be able to buy the full version.
I expect there’s simply been an error in leaving the option for a 9.5 trial open…failing that the activation code may be sitting in a spam folder either on your PC or online (if you’re using a web-based email, gmail users seem to suffer a lot with codes being marked as spam). The codes seem to get lost for a loot of folk this way.

Thankyou Sir. Will wait the 10 trial to come out then.