Still some kind of leaking Cubase 10.5.12

There still is something happening in Cubase where a project that is near peaking the Cubase cpu meter will play ok for a while. Then after some edits are made, like to a volume level for a drum channel in Addictive Drums, or adjust an insert plugin setting, for example, Cubase starts to cough when trying to play the mix.

It’s like cpu use is “building up” and not being released, for lack of a better way to say it.

I can confirm that. Generally since 10.5.12 audio performance is always near the peak, even with smaller projects. I have also noticed that I cannot playback recordings immediately to check whether they’re OK, Cubase just plays back with no sound at all from the track where I recorded. Only after some time and numerous clicks on Mute and Solo buttons or closing and re-opening the project the sound starts. This did not happen with 10.5.11

I also think there is a problem with memory release somewhere.


I’ve only been playing with small projects, but on my Win 10 machine i’ve not noticed this behaviour (Not that i’ve been looking for it, mind)- are you both Mac?

PC here.

Definitely worse performance on 10.5.12 on MacOS Mojave…
Performance hasn’t been great on 10.5 but it was definitely better before 10.5.12.
There’s reports that 10.5.11 was better, but I upgrade straight to 12.
The funny thing is both of those updates were supposed to improve performance, which is why I went with them.
With only Cubase open, it was sort of OK prior and mainly got glitches if I had Chrome, or other browser and applications at the same time.

Now the audio stops, ASIO spikes etc with only Cubase.
Tested on the same project that was performing much better with everything open before the update.

On Mac, it definitely seems like graphics issue to me… It’s more often that not when the screen is moving, or you open up another mixer, plugin, or any window. I tested this by simply opening up another window outside of Cubase that was static and the audio plays through…
I’m guessing that one is more Mac related, but who knows!

Last night I had the experience that the performance can vary depending on what track is selected (cpu meter still maxed out of course). I had been working on an instrument track, and the project was playing ok. But when I had selected a different track elsewhere in the mixer the project would not play. When I reselected the instrument track the project would play.

for a few days I have been using cubase 10.5.12 under windows 10 (8 cores / 16 gb ddr / ssd) and I am very unpleasantly surprised by the drop in performance. Cubase starts much longer than before, it freezes at times for 2-3 seconds and does things so I didn’t ask, then it stops working and it crashes. just this evening or rather last night it crashed 6 times in a row when different actions like effects adjustments, editing, recordings and once made mixdown. I’m going crazy

Yep, I’ve noticed that as well.

Next time it does it, leave the track selected, but have the active window as anything else besides Cubase and leave it for a few seconds.
Ideally static. I use a number of soft synths and when the audio is dropping, or glitchy, I just switch to a webpage that’s open in Chrome and I can play the synth along with the track without issue… that shouldn’t really work… but it works so often! It’s like Cubase running as a background task works OK, but foreground it’s too heavy.

You would think it’s just because you’re not doing anything active in Cubase, like opening new panels, but if I just leave it on Cubase, it doesn’t seem to recover and play smoothly. Whereas changing to another active program does… very weird…!