Still Stymied by Dorico Percussion Maps

I am unable to fathom how to make a percussion map work. The setup shown below seems logical to me, but no sound.

The setup is Cymbals from Kontact Factory Library 2 with articulations ranging from C1 to E3 (diatonic only). A percussion map is setup as shown to trigger articulations on C1 and D1. (I have found it necessary to create my own Playback Techniques so as not to conflict with Dorico’s built in assumptions or the many symbols which I would rather not use. So rather arbitrary playback technique names here.) It also seems necessary to create an Expression Map. The two articulations chosen are C1 and D1 to be triggered by the articulations “Rul_C1” and Rul_D1” as shown in the score. Endpoint setup is also shown

The overlayed images below show all the pieces of this puzzle which I thought would work. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’ve been stymied for weeks trying to figure this out! I’m running MacOS Montery.

A similar thing happened to me a few weeks ago: The C1 was actually being sent to, Opus in my case, as a C2 (or C0, I forget). Basically, make sure the correct notes are being sent to Kontakt.

In my setup it looks like I’m sending C1 and D1 to Kontact both of which are within the range of the Kontakt Cymbal. I really tried to keep this example simple so test has no keyswitches. But still nothing. The image is high enough resolution so everything can be seen when enlarged.

The first thing I would do is to create a new single-line staff and then set up routing to a new kontakt instance under Play – no percussion maps, no expression maps. Then simply play the notes on your keyboard or otherwise confirm that Kontakt is recieving midi and routing audio back to Dorico.

Once you have the above working, create a new percussion map and map C1 and choose simply “Natural” under technique. Set the endpoint configuration (assign new percussion map to midi channel of new staff). Then enter input mode and type ‘y’ - you should hear whatever technique is setup in Kontakt for C1.

If this all works, then there is something wrong with your custom playing/playback techniques.

Check this file. If I understood correctly… pay attention to SETUP>edit percussion playing techniques
percTEST-101.dorico (1.1 MB)
I don’t have your VST, but C1 and D1 is triggered…

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Yes, so looks like the octaves were off by 1. I took your file, and in the percussion map moved C1 to C2, D1 to D2 and it now triggers the instrument correctly.

To my great surprise! That is the problem. Changing the percussion map to use C2 and D2 now sound. Hallelujah! So somehow Dorico is getting this wrong, or what?

most likely the issue is simply that Dorico and your library had different settings for middle C. Kontakt defaults to C3 and Dorico to C4. First thing you need to do for any map is to ensure Dorico is set to the same as your library.

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Almost working. At least I’ve got sound but not switching articulations. In this example I’m testing in octaves C0, C1 all producing the same articulation and in octaves C2, C3 produce a different articulation

Cymbal Test 3 Someting Working.dorico (1.1 MB)

I’ll start off by saying that I’m not an expert in percussion maps, but hopefully this will help you out:

  1. in your example you are calling Rul_D0, Rul_E0, Rul_F0, etc. but they are not defined in the percussion map.

  2. the lines that are defined in the percussion map are all set to agogos, but should be set to clash cymbals.

  3. the playing techniques are set to “direction” so for some reason they are not triggering properly. They do work if you set them to “attribute” (again, not an expert in perc maps, so I’m not sure why that’s the case.)

  4. the playing technique for Rul_E2 is mapped to the wrong playback technique: Na (open).

  5. the expression map OTA Natural is sending out a C0 with every note, it’s not doing anything useful. You can just leave the expression map as default.

If you open the key editor, take a look at the playing techniques line. When you hover over it, it will give you a pop-up showing all the active techniques. That’s very useful for troubleshooting. (I don’t know why Rul_C2 doesn’t show up in the pop-up.)

Long story short, with the above changes, it’s all working. (I got some errors from K7 when opening your file, you might get errors too opening this one.)


Cymbal Test 3 Someting Working–CJ.dorico (1.1 MB)

Hi CJ,
Thanks so very much for this help. Indeed your version of this percussion exercise works! This is the first time for me to see a working single line percussion map actually working.

Taking your suggestions into account:

  1. I have setup Rul_DO, Rul_E0, Rul_F0 , etc., in the percussion map (don’t know where they went!)
  2. Changed all the percussion maps to “Clash Cymbals”
  3. Changed all playing techniques to “attribute”.
  4. Deleted OTA Natural for Expression Map and set it to “Default” in Endpoint Configuration

So…still no sound…and hovering the mouse the Playing Techniques to show active techniques are showing things NOT as they should be with only Rul_E0 showing up. I am still missing something!

Cymbal Test 4 Someting Working.dorico (1.1 MB)

OK, almost there!

  1. When you look at the keyboard in Kontakt, the first playable note (in blue) is labelled 1–but that note corresponds to C2 in Dorico. So nothing in your map below Rul_C2 will play anything. Those notes are to the left of the blue region in the Kontakt keyboard.

So, the first note that I would expect to trigger a sound would be Rul_C2 BUT:

  1. The Rul_F0 is still set to “direction” and it is F0rking up everything after that (a little humor, I’m changing it to “attribute”.)

  2. Same thing for Rul_C2 and Rul_C3. Those to “attribute” as well.

Here’s the file back again, everything above C2 plays correctly. (Everything below C2 is still triggering Kontakt but there are no sounds on those MIDI notes.)

I don’t know what kind of screen you have, but if you keep visible the key editor as well as the Kontakt screen showing the keyboard, you will see all of what’s being triggered as you play the score–very helpful as you are developing and debugging a map.

Fingers crossed!

Cymbal Test 4 Someting Working-CJ.dorico (1.1 MB)

Hi CJ,
I think I’m there! I fixed the Playing Techniques to be “Attribute” and that seems to have done the trick–things are sounding as they should and the key editor looks as it should.

So what I’ve learned so far is:

  1. Dorico Percussion Maps transposes things an octave - this would seem to be a glitch, especially considering the MIDI note values are used in the Percussion Maps. I’ll just have to keep it in mind!

  2. Percussion Maps only seem to work with “Attribute” Playing Techniques.

  3. One Playing Technique set to “Direction” throws everything off following it.

  4. A great tip: Watching the Kontakt Keyboard to see what notes are being hit as they go by in the key editor.

  5. When really exhausted from trying to debug problems…errors will occur. (And that’s where I am right now)

Of course I understand notes outside of indicated range will obviously not sound. Seeing both the keyboard and the key editor in sync makes everything clear and a great debugging tool.

Tomorrow, after a good nights sleep, will take a fresh look at things, but right now it all looks good.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the time you have put in helping me understand how this all works. I am immensely grateful.

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