Still very long save times with Kontakt.

Issue: Very long saving times with instances of Kontakt and loaded instruments in it.

Repro: Start a new session and load up an instance on Kontakt or EW Play or another sampler with large programs. Load up 8 channels of Kontakt with large sample-based instruments such as orchestras, etc., and witness your save time go noticeably up. Duplicate your instance of the same Kontakt by four times and see the save time soar to very large amounts, as an example.

This also happens with other sample-bases plugins such as Play, Battery, etc., but is the most noticeable/the longest in Kontakt.

This has been acknowledged issue: Saving with instances of Kontakt lengthens save times dramatically. But it happens to a lesser degree with other samplers and VSTi’s that are sample-based. The same size sessions in Pro Tools, Studio One, and Reaper here all saved very fast, while Cubase is stumbling. As others have noted, it’s a very significant workflow killer – please let’s get this remedied.

Thank you!


Please get in touch with NI. Kontakt saves an incredible amount of data in general.

Cool, I will.

But I wonder why this is not nearly as much of an issue for me in the other DAWs I mentioned?