Still Video

This is me recording some lead guitar directly into Cubase 5.

Hi Gerry

That was very sweet :sunglasses:

And +1 to Tracy … faces are part of it, and yours were just right … otherwise, IMO those notes could not have been played with the feel you gave them.

Best wishes

Thanks Glyn appreciate the visit and comments perhaps you and Tracy are right :open_mouth:

really enjoyed watching that happen. you have such a nice touch on guitar and thats a great sound. love the neck on that guitar, very nice… and if santas listening, I’ve been really good :smiley:

Thanks bluebob I have owned many top of the range guitars and have to say that the Hamer Talladega is in a class of its own.

Hi Gerry,

That was a pleasure to listen to and watch!
No need to say sorry for the faces, we all pull those when were in the ‘zone’! …and finished off nicely with a little smile at the end!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing
all the best

Thanks Sav much appreciated, best,


Hello Gerry

Very nice playing.


Thanks Dave and have a great Xmas.


i just love that sweet guitar sound. very laid back!

Nice sound. I did have trouble listening because the video kept pausing and buffering.
Maybe the problem was on my end. I’ll try again later.

Enjoyed the playing. I like the sound you’re getting from that guitar. You ever listen to Johnny A?

Very nice Jerry. I have a Hamer Artist USA with Duncans on it and it’s my favorite guitar.

Really nice, like your sound and enjoyed the video. Where’s the earth strap gone?

Thanks Al sorry I didn’t get back earlier I guess its old age I get so laid back that I fall over sometimes LOL

Thanks Lenny most probably connection problems, video streaming is often hit and miss.

Hello Early thanks for listening and sorry I have no idea who Johnny A is :confused:

Hello Desert Ha I finally got an earth connection and my studio is no longer live. live as in bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. No more hums and hair standing on end. Boring really but safer :wink: