Still waiting for bug fixes 🤬

C‘mon Steinberg , this is getting ridicules. When are you starting to fix the tons of bugs which where reported the last half year? Shorter release periods and user feedback will generate better software. I bet my ass, that the next cubasis version has still tons of bugs and new ones. Please don’t bring out a stupid new feature or a super promised major release . Just bugfix the current version. Please

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We are in preparation of the next Cubasis update, which will add a few new features and improvements.

As of yet, every Cubasis update release included many improvements/fixes. Actually we are unaware about “tons of bugs”.

What fixes you are waiting for in particular?


Hi! @LSlowak

Tere’s at least one small cosmetic thing I’ve noticed.

When the ‘grid’ in the note editor is set to 32nd notes the grid-lines are drawn at 64th note resolution.
Switching the grid to 64th note makes no visual alteration to the grid but makes it possible to adjust the note-length. (I’ve not gone thru all the grid/division variations to check if they behave as expected).

In some rare cases when looping a 1 bar midi event the gate-time of the first note-events are ‘cut off’. This does not happen on every loop, work-around is to copy & paste the first midi-event and loop a longer section. If that doesn’t help restarting Cubasis usually solves it, at least until the next time it pops up.

It’s still not possible to easily draw a velocity ramp for a group of ‘selected notes’ as the velocity draw bars at the the bottom of the screen adjust velocities for all note events at a specific time-location and do not respect the note-selection that is made prior to editing the velocities.

The audio editor doesn’t ‘auto select’ a portion of the audio-file that is selected using the audio-event start & end handles on the time-line. Meaning in order to ‘trim’ an audio-file there’s no point in doing it on the time-line as the ‘selection’ has to be re-done in the audio-editor prior to ‘trim’.

The audio editor could have an option for the handles to ‘snap to zero-crossing’ when adjusting start/end to avoid clicks.

It could be nice to be able to add an ‘anchor point’ for audio-files (ie. the point in the audio-file that snaps to the grid). This would make aligning audio-clips a LOT easier.

The ‘Mixer’ still doesn’t remember the S,M & XL setting between app-launches.

These are pretty minor things and no ‘rocket science’ and I do look forward to what the other ‘bugs’ will be fixed as it’s always interesting to see what I may have missed or what I’ve always done ‘differently’ without bumping into them.
(In the last update I could find at least 10+ issues ‘fixed’ that I’ve personally bumped into multiple times).

But then again, I’m just one user and if things work fine for all the other users just ignore me :sunglasses:

Take Care & Stay Safe!

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