Still waiting on updates that allow me to work with Dorico.

Still waiting on updates that allow me to work with Dorico.
The lack of chords symbols, the lack of being able to hear a playback synchronized with Dorico make it hard to work. Really every month that passes I feel more disappointed having bought Dorico so early.

I do not think complaining will make it happen any faster. Many current users have wishes for the software to address their particular problems, but Daniel and the Development Team have a road map, and aside from correcting unanticipated bugs in what they have already released, I suspect they will continue to follow the road map, and I am glad for that.

(Which is not to say I do not wish to see chord symbols, drum set notation, etc. I just don’t see any point in complaining when the Team is working on these things already.)

I suppose basically you either accept that this is really a beta version which already either does the trick and provides the features you need or you do like many others including myself and wait until it’s ready for you. You’re not forced to be an early adopter but Steinberg were obviously of the opinion that enough people were already happy with the feature-set provided to do an official release and I don’t see any reason why they can’t do this --nevertheless I think the company should perhaps emphasise more on their website that this is still a work in progress and a demo should be tried out before committing to purchase at this stage as I’m sure they want to avoid too many people like yourself who perhaps expected all the essential features from the main competitors to already be available from day one.

Thanks dko22!
Great reply!
Your are right!
Thank god someone responds in a conscious way, and more looking at all.
What else I see on this forum are people who are repeating that Daniel and his team are working on it.
That would be the minimum, since it’s not a gift that we won, but a software, searched for people who work with music professionally to be able to buy.
Here you don’t have people who download the pirated software.
Are all workers buying the software and supporting a future.
And I totally disagree with Derrek in the fact that we have no complaints.
We need to say what we fell and think.
If that were so normal, why not give the money for steinberg users who do not feel happy with the result of what they had to offer in version 1?
Thinking in time, for the way things have developed, I realized that so I will only can start using Dorico–professionally in over a year.
Then i ask-me
Why did I buy this software?
Thank god I have a credibility in my country, that allows me the respect of most of the professionals who work with music, and as far as I’m concerned, while steinberg continue with this policy of not listening to us users, i will not recommend to anyone spend money now in a software that its not right. I won’t let my friends go by what I’ve been through.

I don’t know how much more we at Steinberg could be listening to our users. I and several of my colleagues both in London and in Hamburg are on this forum every single day, replying to posts and giving concrete information not only about the current capabilities of the software and its future developments. In what way are we not listening to you?

I am very happy with the promise of dorico and what it has already delivered. In general, I only occasionally need chord symbols, so it fits me better. and I am as anxious to “get along.” but finale, score and sibelius wasn’t created out of the box and ready to go and actually charged more. it’s hard, and we have no choice, but excited about what is coming. I have already replaced it as my primary writing computer environment for music, large and small ensemble, despite its warts. for steinberg, this is a business and definitely do not feel bad about funding for what is a beta version for most of us. I am sure most of us will cringe when the first paid update will not appear to be worth the price (but, of course, it will be. again, this is a business, and I am not going to take time out of my life to try and write such an app myself). I do not understand why those who just need chord symbols don’t find this in simpler apps. the reason I am using dorico instead of sibelius, now, is that as a composing environment it is more transparent and comfortable, despite its birthing problems.

I agree entirely with you, burtonbeerman & look forward to be able to use Dorico as I have learned to do so with Finale & Notion - as well as hoping for an integration with Cubase more efficient than it is currently possible with the above mentioned notation software.

I’ve stopped using Dorico for now, though I don’t regret my purchase at all. Both patches so far have shown improvements in the area of 3rd party sample playback, which is my “must have” feature. I suspect the upcoming patch will further improve this area. For me, I want to use Dorico as a composing tool, so I can compose in a notation world using the same sample template I use in Cubase, so I can move my project to Cubase and fine tune the performance.

Encourage a user to buy software that no matter how good it may be even not have numerous functions that are tools for most pros, I don’t think that is a way of looking at the user.
The marketing were with the content type: 5 reasons to you switch from Notion, Sibelius, Finale to Dorico.
I have the software stopped by that among many things he can’t play all the articulations. It is exhausting. It would be more honest if steinberg understand that to the user you have launched the software premature, and do a marketing plan not to stay defending and Yes to comfort people who bought and can’t use. That would be looking to the consumer with affection. It’s no use putting dozens of people defending and speaking well of the intentions and what the Softare promises. Look for the consumer is to treat it with care, after all is the set of consumers that helps you develop the product is just look at the forum and see the amount of people dissatisfied.
I’m extremely upset that I have the software stopped there 3 months and I don’t see when I will be able to use it for real. If I have to pay any upgrade before he becomes viable for me I will try found people means to defend me, why don’t you think that’s fair.
I’m user of Nuendo for years, work in very large projects and with great responsibility. I hope the same liability of Steinberg in relation to their users

Why, why, why would you buy it without waiting for a demo version? if you had waited you wouldn’t have bought it. No one made you buy it.

Torcuato, the bottom line is, you shouldn’t have bought the program. You and the rest of the vocal minority who feel that in some way they have been cheated will not change the situation by continual criticism.

Of course Dorico will expand and improve, but not overnight.

I can speak only for myself, of course, but I’m getting tired of all this sort of stuff.

I bought Dorico recently knowing that many of the things I found most essential aren’t in there yet. It’s not really usable for me at the moment either. But regarding chord symbols… if you need that urgently, why not just enter them as text? I think having a good chord symbol implementation would be nice, but I’ll personally gladly wait for it if I only could have been entering notes by real time MIDI recording and a do a few other things I find essential in any music making program (like eg grab a note/some notes and transpose them (diatonically or chromatically) using a mouse. There are other I really miss as well, but which there are workarounds for (like entering piano fingering numbers using text).
But I agree that it’s not the new industry standard (yet) and that switching from Sibelius or Finale isn’t necessarily an “upgrade”.

That’s not an answer that makes sense, is more one of the responses of all the people who think that everything is beautiful. End up blaming the user.
Of course I bought it by mistake, bought by the expectation of a workflow that was announced. And I never thought I’d start missing things so basic to a software proposes to meet producers, composers, arrangers.
Sorry, I’m not I who is wrong. No reverse s responsibilities.

“Of course I bought it by mistake, bought by the expectation of a workflow that was announced. And I never thought I’d start missing things so basic to a software proposes to meet producers, composers, arrangers.”

Exactly. You didn’t investigate properly. You bought it by mistake - your mistake, no-one else’s.

I did my job but i was inducted to belive that was right to work.]
Probably if Dorico was a car and I’d wear it would leave me standing in the middle of the road.
Most of the largest arrangers who also work with me here in Brazil.
It’s no use doing internet work to diminish that fact.
Just look at the forum are numerous people that expresando.

I bought it early, but I knew it was not finished. And I’m waiting for drum notation.

I plan to make a 100 drum march piece but can not start until the drum notation is starting…

BUT, in the meantime I can learn the program, and learn it very well, so that when my feature is ready for the next update, I’m ready.

so stop complaining, learn whats in the program and learn it well. And when your features are done, and delivered into an update, you’re ready :sunglasses:

As someone who has helped me on numerous occasions with Sibelius issues, I would be the last person to accuse you of not listening, Daniel! It is normal practice to try out a demo of any software before committing to purchase so I do think the OP was at fault here. Nevertheless, after seeing a number of similar grumbles, I believe it would do no harm to put an advisory on the website that not all features which already exist in other professional software have yet been implemented (and of course we all have our personal priorities) and that it’s best to check out the demo before committing to purchase at this stage. I can’t see Steinberg losing any sales over this – from what I can see on the forum, more people (I’m not one of them) are likely to boycott the software because of licensing issues than anything else.

There is already such an advisory on the web site, and it’s been there since the day Dorico was released in October last year. It remains there now, and will continue to be there until the features listed there as missing (which includes chord symbols, repeats, fingering, unpitched percussion, etc.) are implemented. It’s at the bottom of the What is Dorico page.

Hm … what do you mean “lack of being able to hear a playback synchronized with Dorico”? Playback does not have all the features it will have but if you hit the playback button you should hear your score play back in real time.

You’re right --either missed or forgot about this one :astonished:
In that case, I really don’t think there’s anything to complain about!