Stock Intel heat sink/fans ok with a 'selection' of CPU's?

I thought when you have a particular processor, that processor needs a ‘particular’ heat sink/fan, but apparently there are one’s being sold, saying that they can be used with a selection of processors. Such as this listing headline …


“Original Intel Heat sink Cooler Fan for Quad Core Q9550-Q9550S-Q9650 LGA775 New”

I while back I bought a heat sink/fan ‘thinking’ I was getting one for an Intel Q9650 CPU, but what I ended up getting was one that had “Q9550” printed on the box. It was new/unused, and came in the box that originally was sold along with the actual CPU. Thinking I bought the wrong one, I didn’t end up using it.

I don’t have any problem using stock one’s from Intel at all, just as long as the heat sink/fan listed in my above quote, is actually ok to use with a Q9650.


As long as the CPU socket is the same a heatsink will work fine for different CPU’s

Thanks Strop, that’s what I was guessing the case may be…as long as it’s for an LGA775.

Odd though, the heat sink/fan I have in a box that’s labeled for a ‘Q9550’ is slightly smaller in physical size than the one I have for a ‘Q9650’ that’s mounted in my case…which was something that I was wondering about.

Since I have a spare Q9650, I wanted to be sure I have a spare heat sink/fan to go with it :ugeek: