Stock loudness meter question

Am I right that Cubase doesn’t have some stock realtime loudness meter? I tried to search for some and I seems like there is only half-free Youlean Loudness Meter that said “demo perod is over” to me. And Melda’s VST which I hate for their trashy installers.

So, really? There are no any good free loudness meters in the world?

Oh, I have found
It seems ok.

Activate the control room and use that meter.

If you have Cubase Pro the loudness meter is great in my opinion.

Activate Control Room view, click on the Meter tab in the upper section and you’ll find two meters, Master and Loudness, Both are great on different situations.
I like the K-20 in the Master section when mixing and the Loudness when I want to finalize my masters to a certain LUFS value.

Cubase Pro has a built-in R128 Loudness Meter. On the Project Window, display the right zone, click on Meter Tab on top, then click Loudness Meter tab on bottom. The Loudness meter has a control to “measure loudness” and if it is disabled, the meter takes no readings.

There is also a free loudness plugin from Steinberg the SLM128 here