Stock vocal samples key change

I imported some stock vocal samples (Bloom pack) in a project I had created and they first perfectly adapted to the correct key (B minor, instead of C minor, that I’d set in the project root key) but when I reopened the project, today, they are playing in a wrong key…
How can I solve this problem?
Thank you,

It happened again… I created a simple, very short project, with a basic chord track progression that I rendered in audio through Halion SE Trip synth and when I reopend the project the sampled played the wrong key… :thinking:

I also had another problem but I’ll do a separate post; weird things are happening here…

Possibly the transpose in the info bar?

Hi beatpete,
you’re right! Thank you so much! :+1: :pray:

p.s. but I ask why it changed by itself… :thinking: when I loaded samples I hadn’t to set anything…

When you import a sample it will match the project key, and to do this it will transpose the sample.

Hi Luke,
I know this, and I did this way: set the project root key B (minor) then imported the loop (C minor). that correctly changed according to the projekt key; my question was: why did it change again to C minor when I reopened the project?
At the end I solved following beatpete advice but it was strange to me to have that problem.
Thank you for answering,