Stop Play Anchor Moving to Stop Position

It there a way to make the play anchor stay put and not jump to the stop position when using the space bar to stop and start.
I know you can use the “play from anchor” in the extended transport bar or use 0 on the numeric keypad to jump back to the previous start point but I’m new to Wavelab and use Pro Tool as my primary DAW and I have got very used to selecting the play point with the mouse and then it always starting from there when I pres again.

Right click on the Stop button (Transport bar) to access this option.

This is a setting that I’ve always felt should be default. I don’t know of many people who like to work how the default setting is. It seems that most prefer the playback cursor to return to the last position.

I think most long-time WL users prefer the current default behaviour, since it’s what they’re used to - I know I prefer it the way it is.

But the thing is, then it will stay that way after updates etc. One of the top questions I see I the WL User Group on FB, and in my mastering class is how to make the cursor be “normal” after playback. And this setting is also hidden in the Stop button rather than the perhaps more logical Play button.

It was more of a suggestion for new users because as mentioned, old users typically have their settings carry over after updates.

I think the option depends upon what you are used to and the other software you may habitually use. I too prefer the current default setting.

The default behaviour is the same in Nuendo and Cubase. So I think Wavelab is following a Steinberg standard operation procedure. Those coming from Pro Tools or elsewhere may not be used to this and hence the confusion / or alternative preference.

FWIW I rarely use the space bar for the transport Instead I use ‘0’ and ‘Enter’ on the numeric keypad. IMO this feels more like a real transport remote and that’s one of the reasons I use it this way. ‘0’ can be used to stop the first time you press it and to go back to the start position if you press it a second time. I think a lot of users of Steinberg software do this.

Thanks for the info I now have it set the way I want.
I hadn’t realized this was such a contentious subject.
Bottom line is that both options are available but the location of the setting is not obvious

It just goes to show how different personal preferences can be. You’ll probably find there’s a lot about Wavelab which is not ‘obvious’ but IMO one of its strengths is giving users options to set up the interface to their own way of working. I think there are few applications which are so flexible.

Oh, but I wouldn’t mind changing the default behaviour - as long as I can still change to what it always was.

Right. From comments I’ve seen from new users, it seems like a good idea to change the default for the cursor to restart to the start position on stop, with of course, no change to the current options or settings when current users upgrade to a new version.

I think the world is divided 50/50 between these 2 possibilities. If I change it, I will have complaints for the change + the inverse question about how to find the option not to jump back.
This is why I prefer to keep it as is.

This makes sense. While I personally prefer returning to start on stop, having it stay where it stops is consistent with the default behavior in Cubase where you need to set a Preference to return to start. And it is easy enough to change to whatever someone wants.

Yes +1

regards S-EH