Stop playhead cursor at position?

Sorry if this is a daft question, but on a mac, how do I prevent the play head from returning to its start position? For example, if I stop the play head, how to i make the cursor remain in this stopped position rather than it returning to the start? I’ve tried right-clicking the stop button and using the options here but it doesn’t work.

If you right click on the Stop button the Transport, you’ll find some options to uncheck (for your case):

did that already, didnt seem to work

Hmm. When I uncheck the top option of “After Standard Playback”, and then use spacebar to play and stop, it always plays back from where it stopped like a tape machine.

I don’t like this mode so I always keep the boxes as they appear in the screen shot. Checked.

Try again because this is the way. Else explain exactly what you are doing and what is happening.

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I think the play until anchor on and select “edit cursor” could possibly do what you need
I also have play from anchor selected as “edit cursor” so it doesn’t go back to the start of the clip if im editing a section, so WL11 behaves more like 9.5 (for what I was used to anyway)

I can maybe shine a little light on this.

I’ve unchecked the two boxes shown in the thread above. I am using the space bar to start and stop playback, and I want the space bar to act like a start / stop button on a tape deck.

Sometimes it works as expected, and sometimes playback resumes from the previous marker.

If I precede the initial playback with Shift+( or Shift+) to move the cursor to a nearby marker, then space will always restart playback from that marker. Here is a video showing this in action:

This behavior happens even if playback continues for a few minutes (but it’s hard to make a small video that runs for that long).

FWIW, it seems like the trigger for this behavior isn’t moving the play head to the marker. It’s starting playback from a marker. In the following image, I can use CTRL+PgDown or +PgUp to move the cursor to where you see it. Spacebar then starts and stops playback like a tape deck would. But, if I add a marker to the right edge of the clip in the top track, then spacebar will cause playback to begin again from the marker, which of course happens to be the clip edge. It will restart from the marker whether I use CTRL+PgDown or SHIFT+( to get the cursor there in the first place. So I don’t think it’s SHIFT+( that’s changing the playback behavior.

Am I missing a setting that would change this?

P.S. One thing that does NOT cause playback to restart at a marker is adding a new marker and then pressing the spacebar without having navigated to the marker. The next two spacebar presses will stop playback and then resume from the play head instead of the marker.