STOP reading audio from disk during playback... load ALL audio tracks into RAM permanently

I’m discussing this issue in other threads so I’ll keep it simple.

It’s 2020. The “load audio from disk on the go” is an archaic way of managing audio. It needs to be abolished.

Please make Cubase load ALL audio tracks into RAM and keep them there until Cubase project is closed.

WAV files even on busiest projects only take up a miniscule part of memory (in my 50-100 track projects it’s rarely more than 2Gb).

A single VSTi patch from Omnisphere or some fancy Piano library easily takes up more space than my whole wav project.

No need to keep important stuff (audio) on disk. It slows everything down. It creates bottlenecks. It creates issues (like the one I’m having where Cubase can’t efficiently read a simple multi-take looped recording split into different channels and breaks down)

Modern systems have minimum of 16Gb of RAM. Many have 64-128Gb of RAM. Wav files takes up less than 10% of that on any day. No reason trying to save on this. It achieves nothing, accomplishes nothing.

Make all WAV always stay in RAM please. Or at least offer that as an option when managing/loading project.

It already does use RAM to hold audio files. If you have unused RAM, the OS will employ it as a disk cache. Any subsequent reads of those audio files will be served from RAM and not require disk reads. If it ever needs to do a disk read after the first time, that means you did not have enough RAM to hold all the audio files. Anyway, with modern SSD systems, the disk access is rarely a bottleneck.