stop recording on all tracks - help!


After doing a recent update - Cubase now records my click track and the other musical tracks onto the new track I’m trying to track on!


In other words:
I set up a brand new audio track.
Turn on the metronome.
Start strumming on the direct line input guitar.
Cubase records my guitar AND the click track on the same track.

I set up a brand new audio track.
Other tracks have drums, bass, keys, vox -
I hit ‘record’ and the new track records all of the existing tracks - kind of like a bounce down to the new track.

I do NOT want the other tracks and the click to record on my new track.

I have been using Cubase for over 10 years and I have spent hours trying to stop this, and I have been totally unsuccessful.

I’m using:
Version 10.11.6
Cubase 9 Pro 9.0.20

Universal Audio input
9.2.9 04-21-2017

Thanks in advance.

Typically this is caused by some sort of loopback configuration in your audio interface.