Stop searching plugins

How do I get rid of Dorico’s search for plugins belonging to Cubase? Now I have to click on either “rescan” or “stop” on every wave plugin when I start Dorico. Annoying!

First of all, plug-ins don’t belong to Cubase or Dorico or whatever hosting app, they are shared components that may be used by any capable hosting application.
If plug-ins adhere to the VST3 standard, then they reside at specific locations and any VST3 capable host will look at these locations, so there is no way around this.
If they are VST2 plug-ins, well, the spec was not so closed at that time, and VST2 plugs can reside at basically any location, but you have to tell the hosting app then, where to find them. So if you have VST2 plugs that you want to hide from Dorico, then it is as simple as moving them to a different folder, adapt Cubase’s search path, but not for Dorico, and so Dorico won’t see them anymore.

Thank’s for your answer! This is too complicated for me! I just want things to work, don’t want to be an engineer. I can probably live with it like this. It’s only when I use my laptop.

It would be great to be able to set the VST-folders and to check or decheck plugins in Dorico like in Cubase.
It is annoying if I have to change the Cubase-settings just because I want something in Dorico changed.

Yes I totally agree with you!Can’t understand why Dorico has to scan plugins it doesn’t use?

The point is that you can use any plug-in you have installed on your system with Dorico if you wish. So it has to scan all VST plug-ins, since you could ask it to use any of them.