… until you restrict access and limit it to one post per (registered) user. I’ve just posted a second submission of votes; so currently, the results can be open to abuse (multiple posts). :wink:

This should not be a public survey… IMHO

(MODS:- please delete this post if you make the changes and/or disagree with my stance…)

I do think if it’s possible to complete the survey multiple times, it will be abused. You only have to read this forum to realise that there are a few people that are the type who’d do the survey a hundred times. Could it not just be done as a poll on this forum with a simple YES I’m interested in this option/NO I’m not?

A controlled survey would be better (maybe inside of My Steinberg area).

Let’s see how many times I can vote a feature down, before I go to bed. :wink:
There should really be a Restriction, on this survey.

it should as it is be open for every owner, and not just the forum, we are a little fragment of the user base, and should not be allowed dictate the future development as the only voice.

Oops and it has been fixed, you now only can take the survey ones :slight_smile:

Ah…! Ok, thanks @peakae - that’s good to read… :wink:

(I think maybe this whole thread can safely be deleted now…! Mods…?)


Set up for Cubase owners/users only.

Regards. :sunglasses:


Send an email to all registered users of Cubase with link to the survey in MySteinberg.


It would be great if SB communicated -anything- to customers on a regular basis.

Yeah, that would be nice. I remember the excitement when Karl and Co. conducted chats about upcoming versions.

or how about stop whining about stuff and just make music
some folk just love to moan for the sake of it

I may be an a#$ho$e myself for saying this, but it does seem a trend for some to just waste valuable time complaining when better use of time seems better.

There are issues that need to be resolved by Steinberg for sure. But I often wonder if the lack of support is because of the negative way that the questions are asked.

Dumb it down to my remodeling business; I am not going to call a customer back if you first wrote a bad review. Especially when I have 40+ ‘A’ reviews. The ones that post negatively are not going to be taken seriously by neither myself or other customers.

Just sayin…Maybe issues would be addressed more quickly if requested without such…well…

What’s the difference between a whiner and the whiner who whines about the whiner :wink: ?