Stop the run Pro as trial or full version Artist prompt box


We have multiple users using cubase with roaming profiles. Each time Cubase is started, a pop up appears asking if they want to run a Cubase Pro 24 hr trial or the full version. How can I disable this for all users please?



What Cubase derivative do you have? Do you have the full license?

Hi - its Artist 9 and yep its the full Educational licence. The trial “offer” is for a one day trial of Pro 9.

Also, I would like to know how to stop the “register now” prompt box when Cubase opens


Here are the prompt boxes in question:

I expert, that if you enable “Please don’t ask again” or click “Already Registered”, it doesn’t help?

Can you copy the Preferences settings to all profiles? If yes, then you can do this (enable, and Already…), and then copy the Preferences to all Preferences profiles. The settings is to red there in the Preferences.

Hi Martin, yes it doesn’t help - every time a new user logs on they are presented with the same options. So to clarify, if we can copy the preference settings to all profiles we should be OK? where is the preferences file located please (windows 7 64 bit if that helps)


Are the preference files as this article and which of these files would hold these settings please?


Yes, these are the Preferences. I would recommend to copy the whole Cubase 9 folder. Most probably the settings is to red in the defaults.html.

Thanks - for anyone else reading this, I have found the Registration nag in defaults.xml here:

where value=“0” is ask and value=“1” is dont ask

The demo nag is in the Demo.xml
Change from value=“ask” to value=“never” to turn it off