Stop ties consolidating?

I don’t understand why Dorico consolidates these chords when I tie them. [Well I do, but it is not what I want.]

That’s a simple 1/4 bar.


Not what is wanted. There’s a reason for that due to a pedalling retake at the second chord.

How does one change this behaviour?

Force Duration before adding the tie(s)?


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@Derrek Brilliant. I haven’t done any Dorico for a while and I think that department of my brain has gone on holiday.

Remember: When you tie two ore more notes of whatever length, Dorico melts them together to become one music “event” - and then decides which note values to use when rendering it on the screen or page. In this case, using one quarter note is perfectly correct.

Using “force duration” before prevents this automatism from stepping in in the first place.


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I’m sure Andro knows this as a matter of course. He is anything but a newbie.

But this was a nice, brief review for newbies searching for the solution to this problem.

My explanation was less aimed at @Andro himself but at anyone else who might be looking for an answer to this problem :wink:

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