Stopping FX tails

Is there a way to stop FX tails, like long reverbs, or especially long rhythmic delays after you press the Stop button?

Every time I wanna start the track over, or jump into another part of it, the long delay just turns into a mess.
The only way to stop a delay process, as far as I know, is to turn it off (not even bypass) completely.
And you can’t even do that from the Inspector part, you have to open the FX and do it from the inside.
I can’t do that every time I want to jump or replay.

Exporting the whole percussive part is not really an option either. cause I’d probably want to change things like leveling or sound design through my work.

Am I Missing something? I couldn’t find anything in the preferences zone.

I would definitely like this kind of option on Cubase if there really isn’t.