Stopping internet and have cubase question

If I stop my computer internet service will I be able to use cubase12 and have the audio interfaces and plugins work as usual.(in other words will cubase go on as usual)? And I think that cubase 10 or 11 is on the dongle, will that work too? If so how will I prepare cubase or my computer for it?

You shouldn’t have to stop internet service while using Cubase 12. But well, if you want to, I guess that you are wondering about the online licence check. Actually, it shouldn’t be an issue - see here for more details, in the FAQs :

And if you have an ‘dongle’ (USB e-Licenser) for Cubase 10/11, it’s even more simple : you don’t need internet at all, as the licence is checked on it at each start of a Cubase Pro/Artist session.

This said, again, I’m using both Cubase and internet without any issue, here : I even often listen/record an online source using Cubase via a loopback, set up in my audio/MIDI interface software/control (‘TotalMix’).

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