Store cubase settings in the Steinberg cloud

I wonder if this occurred to anybody that the main program settings should be saved to the Steinberg cloud.
If you are working multiple workstations for different project you need to locate the Cubase settings file and mail to yourself to different PC.

Tackling the setup each time could be tiresome. With a cloud service connected to the Steinberg account, the stored settings would be recalled to the machine anytime.

It also doesn’t make things easier that with each version you need to investigate how to patch up your midi keyboard. Again. Takes the buzz out of the stuff. A helper module to make the transition easier between cubase versions would be also helpful. Continuous upgrade is one of Steinberg’s business model in the long run. (Which I like to be honest, as long as I own the software)
Cubase stores a lot of stuff on drive C: Appdata and If I reinstall the operating system or the drive fails these settings might be lost if backup is not done prior. Very frustrating if your setup is getting highly customized.

Added benefit would be sharing settings / templates and best practices. The community could really take it away to interesting directions.
Just a thought.


yes, it would be nice if my templates were installed automatically when downloading to a new computer.