Storing all your color prefs?

How does one go about storing all the color changes that they have made in the prefs?


If you follow this link, someone has made an amazing Colour Pack with instructions of how to load it and save it.

If you don’t want to use this Colour pack and would rather use your own, after creating your own Colour changes, click on the “select colour” button at the top bar. Then scroll all the way down and click on project colours. Click on options and “Save Current Set as Program Defaults”. Now, every time you open Cubase it should remember them as the default Colour sets.

Thank you!

Ah, just realized after visiting the link that this is not what I am asking. Sorry lol. What I am asking is how do you save all the changes you make to say the meter colors, fader colors, etc… All the stuff in prefs?

The lower left corner of Prefs has a section to save all (or just your selected) preferences.

Okay, got it. But what if you have to say uninstall and reinstall everything from scratch. Is there a way to save that file to load it back in to Cubase?

Yes. A quick Google search will lead you to Steinberg’s own list and instructions as to where those files are kept on your system. You can simply copy them to a desktop folder and then drop them back into their proper location after reinstalling.

Thank you.