Storing multi-out VST as a channel preset?

Hi Guys,

I am currently using Superior Drummer 2.0 within Cubase 7. It is my preference to use the multi-outs of Superior so that I can run each “mic” into a separate Cubase track and process these tracks with plug-ins of my choice.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time setting up a really great drum sound with various effects on each of the channels, and am now wondering if there is any way to store this setup (Superior, along with all the tracks it outputs into, and their effects) as a track preset?

I suspect this is not possible and that the only way to go will be to store the Superior track, and each of the individual Cubase tracks I’m using to process its various outputs, each as separate presets.

If there’s a way to store the whole thing as a track preset though, I would love to hear about it!