Story problem for the experts

Little Johnny, a very poor boy, scrimp sand saves for a year to get $98 (US). He mowed lawns, pulled weeds and even cleaned the lew for mom a couple times. Christmas morning, he’s the first in the family to wake up. He creeps down the stairs in time to see santa’s boots as he scurries up the chimney. There, poking out of his stocking is a crisp dollar bill. Excited as heck, he jumps in his bike and races to the plugin store (Jewish ownership?). He runs up to the counter and see two boxes. The new cubase 8.0 upgrade (he has 7.5) and Slate virtual tape machine. Which does he buy?

You Anti-Semite! :laughing:

Which does he need more? Which will he get more mileage out of? Does he realize that he can still make music with v7, tho v8 may have some features that will make life a bit easier? Does he realize that the Slate virtual tape machine will not actually make his recordings sound like they went to tape, but that the recordings may be slightly improved?


I think Johnny knows he would get far more out of the upgrade. He’s seem some very cool changes and additions here. He also knows that the other route would subjectively benefit at best. However, Johnny harbors a healthy disdain for insects. He’s worried that one avenue might be buggier than he has time for.
Ps. His best friend is Jewish. He’s just surprised the plugin store is open in Christmas lol

lol xD.
I’d personally get the upgrade, but then I really don’t use tapesims much and they all sound similar to me :wink:

I would save the money for an education, then you wouldn’t have to ask questions like this. :mrgreen:

He does not buy both, because anything Slate will crash even the best daw.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Out of these two, he buys Slate. By the time a working version of the other comes out, he will have earned enough to afford it (and probably built a house a started a family in the meantime).

Step AWAY from the upgrade… put the dollars on the floor… NOW!

Put your hands behind your head and eat the ice cream. It’s Christmas! Happy one. OK?