Straight answer - upgrade 3.7 VST to 6.0

I cant seem to get a straight answer. I run Cubase 3.7 VST. I want to upgrade to Cubase 6.0. Can I and how? Will my files stay intact.

Thank you

PC quad core intel


I would say upgrade. But. I would export all tracks in my projects as audio files just in case plus midi files. You can always keep 3.7 or reinstall at a later date. They should run side by side afaik.

I do not think you can open 3.7 VST file directly in Cubase V6, but the workaround is to use Cubase V3 that can import old VST files and save them as .cpr files then open them in V6. Cubase V3 is available as a free download for this purpose.

Or do as Dave.S says.