Straight fade by automation

Hi everyone!

I’m new to the forum and I’m looking forward to learning from you all.

I’ve noticed that when I use volume automation and fade in/or out it doesn’t feel like I’m getting a straight fade. For example, say I’m going from -100 (silent) to -6dB over two bars - by just using two points, it seems like a very noticable jump (increase in volume) at around -18dB. Has anyone else noticed this? And is there a way to get the fade really straight.

I hope that makes sense.



I have never heard someone else would observe this issue.

If you are using automation to move linearly between two very different volume levels, then even if the change is happening smoothly a person listening to it probably won’t hear it as a smooth transition because the human ear does not perceive loudness in a linear manner. Try listening to the fade with your monitor levels both higher and lower. You should notice the fade will vary depending on the monitor’s level.

This is one of the reasons its a good idea to listen to your mix at a wide variety of levels (but mostly at a moderate level).

You may want to use a more concave fade.
Fades are really an art form, luckily they can be adjusted.