Straight Line for mod/pitchbend


I’m coming from logic/live and I can’t figure out for the life of me how to create a straight line pitchbend or modwheel automation. It keeps either quantizing or creating tons of little dots. In other word if i want to have to points, move one and have a straight line between them.

(First of all, the following is only true for controllers (CC#0 thru CC#127), and unfortunately not for pitchbend or aftertouch… certainly on my personal wishlist too :wink: )…
If you wish to draw/edit controllers in the way you are used to, you can do it in Cubase, by using the MIDI track’s automation lanes in the Project window, rather than in the CC lanes of the Key Editor window. You can choose to also record the CC# data like that, via the option in the MIDI menu>CC Automation Setup>"Record Destination… ".
As regards the “tons of little dots” in the MIDI Editor CC lanes… they are actually “telling the truth” about what is being transmitted… each of those dots is a discrete CC# value (happens in Logic/Live too, even though you can’t see it :wink: )… a “straight line” of CC# data is just a series of individual values. Please do read up in the manual about editing MIDI Controllers (p.388 et seq)… even if you see “lots of dots”, you can still edit them, simply, using the Line Tool.

First thank you for the in depth reply. So I gather that you cannot edit the CC data in the pianoroll this way in cubase? What a shame as its the most important editing detail for me.

Jared, it’s true that vic_france rambles on and on about this and that, seemingly endlessly, with stories about the good old days, like, how back when Cubase ran on hay things were better, which incidentally makes me think about a story I remember from a time when wearing an onion on one’s belt was the style. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… oh wait that’s something else. :wink: :laughing:

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Have you tried to use the Line tool? - it can’t be any easier. You don’t even have to draw any points first.

I if i drag the last dot up the line is no longer straight to the last dot. Line tool is not that convenient for this type of editing and you have to change between different tools. Both are workflow hiccups IMO

You need to read about this in the manual, there are new features that address it.