Strange Arranger Track Appears In Project

Working on a project, saved it yesterday

Returned to it today, when the project loaded there was an arranger track, and a tempo track at the top of the project that wasnt there before.

the project then ran for a little while but completely froze after the sound stuttered and went silent.

Computer wouldnt even enter task manager to close cubase, had to power off…

Hmm… Anyone else had this happen? only recently installed a new plug in but the plug in works perfectly

Cubase haven’t ever add track itself to me.

What version of Cubase exactly do you have?

6.5 with the latest update

maybe some corrupt data in the project, it hasnt done it again since

very weird though

Can you try to back up your project, and open it from this back up? Sometimes, it helps to corupted projects.

Not sure there’s substance in this theory I have but

I have now disabled my antivirus doing anything scheduled, so for example it only gets to do a scan/update when I choose to go do it, was previously set to run once a day, or on start up if missed

Also, Backup, taken this off scheduled too. but this only ran once a week anyway

Im gonna trust myself to remember to regularly run a scan and to back up

so far my pc is a little snappier especially on start up, and I have a suspicion that these little unexplained things can be caused by antivirus blocking access to files while it scans.

Just a hunch of mine there is no serious theory behind this, but gonna see how i go for the next few months.

Till now never had problems with my antivirus, but of late been noticing poor performance, and noticed the scan allways seemed to be running. I dont want to have a non online pc, this isn’t practical for me