Strange Arrow Cursor - PLease Help!

Hey there. I’ve been using Cubase for a year now and this weird thing happens to me inexplicably and I have no idea what it is. When this arrow appears, I can’t select objects like usual and it only wants to make some kind of range selection. I have to switch tools several times to make it go away but it is seemingly unpredictable and maddening. I’m sure there’s a simple explanation, so if someone could tell me, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

which Cubase?

You have probably activated the smart selection tool. When your mouse is in the top half of a track, it will automatically become a range tool. When your mouse is in the bottom half, it will automatically become an object selection tool.

See here:

Thanks, Guys. Though, its not the smart selection tool. This occurs while I’m already using the smart tool. I’ll be editing happily and then, this cursor appears and gets stuck, which only allows for range selections. It seems especially specialized, but after editing 8 hours a day for the last year on this software, I can’t find a use for it nor an easy way to disable it. Hmmmm.

Can you think of anything linked to it? Is it mouse work you’re doing? Maybe some modifier key combination gets stuck? (Alt ctrl shift 1 is the smart tool toggle, sorry if I’m stating the obvious here.) Is the smart tool still active when this happens? (Because you say you need to switch tools some times before it goes away.)

It’s a weird one. Maybe you could record yourself work and then when it happens replay the capture and see what actions trigger this.

Thanks, GG. Yeah, I always try and backtrack a little when this happens, but I haven’t locked it down yet. Strangely, in 8 hours of mixing today, it didn’t happen once. So unpredictable!