Strange articulation behavior

So I am trying to highlight the pitches that I want the hotkey ‘s’ (slur) to cover. See below.

However, I am getting this result instead.

Any idea what is happening here? Its happening on other passages on this page as well. Thanks in advance.

Try selecting the first pitch, then command-click (Mac) or control-click (windows) the last pitch instead of using shift to select everything in between.


don’t quite get this. On the second example, the final note shows the beginning of a new slur which is not in the first. Where does this come from?

That’s my point. The slur should go all the way to the low B and instead stops at the C# and creates a random second slur from that low B to the following F#.

ok – I’m afraid I can’t replicate anything like that. Unless someone else has experienced it, might be an idea to share the relevant part of the project with us and I’m happy to then take another look.

Is the low B in a different voice than the other slurred notes? Turning on voice colors might help us see.

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I was assuming one voice here. If not, then that’s a very pertinent question!

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That was the issue! Thanks. I am the copyist on this project so I have no idea what I’m getting when I open the file. All cleared now.