Strange audio export using NP3

When I play back this file in Dorico with Noteperformer 3, it sounds fine.

But when I export audio, the track starts the first note (and only the first note) with a staccato in all parts… except for the cello, which plays correctly. Random. Happens with both .wav and mp3. Arg!!

Not sure if it matters, but this was an XML import. I did try deleting the first bar and re-entering it, to no avail.

Project is attached.

UPDATE: it’s apparently NOT an XML problem. I just opened a brand-new project, inputted the first 4 bars of strings from scratch, and exported. Same result. I’m flummoxed.
Your Hand Upon (397 KB)

Here’s the first 4 bars of the audio export, attached.
NP3 (293 KB)

I had the same problem with audio export with the first note… It reminded me of a problem we used to have in some Dorico 1.x series but that was solved. I hope it will be too. I can attach it too if needed.

The audio engine team are aware of this issue. In the meantime, you can temporarily add an empty bar at the start of the project before you export audio to work around it.

A simple solution, thanks! I want a brief pause before it starts anyways.