Strange automation

Hi, does anyone know what this behavior is about? I’ve had it since Nuendo 4 or 5… :wink: If you watch the video you’ll see an automation pass done on the EQ in Touch mode. After the sound clip has played it suddenly does stuff completely on it’s own…? :slight_smile:

Normally it’s not a problem but if the next sound clip is close then it is. This happens on almost every pass, and half the time I have to do the same pass 2 or 3 times to make it “stick”.

(Nuendo 6.5.40)


This looks like there is already automation written at the end of your “run”.
Since you stopped touching, whatever parameters you were modifying, and the track is in “read”, it looks like the tracks is reading some previous automation. Nothing strange about that.


Lol, you’re right, how did that sneak in there… :wink:


My guess for how it snuck in there:

The pref. “keep automation when move/copy” (or whatever it is named) is on, and you copied some audio from somewhere where you had EQ automation.