Strange "average audio processing load" problem

Hi everyone

I know that there are many posts about spikes on the average audio processing load meter. But I can’t really find any with this particular problem.

Right now I have a project open with 6 vocal track, 5 guitar track with RealGuitar from MusicLab, 4 track with different instrument from NI Kontakts, and a drum track…

When I play it all the load meter is at about 40% and there are no problems. But when I solo a track, any track, the load meter slowly rises to max out, and the sound starts to fall out because the CPU can’t follow. As soon as I hit the solo button again and all the track play, the sound comes back and the load meter falls to 40% and everything plays without any problems… This is very weird I think…
I have had many projects where this is not a problem, and then from time to time I have a project with this problem…

I’m running Cubase Pro 8.5.15 btw :slight_smile:

Has anyone heard about the particular problem before and know what can be done?


Watch this video…

Here you can see how it works… The load meter is maxed out in stop mode and in solo mode but not when all tracks play… That doesn’t really make sense?

Doesn’t anyone have any thoughts about this?

All projects or just that one? What o/s version? What interface? ASIO Guard on?
Have you tried removing 3rd party plugs one at a time in case it’s a specific plugin?
Why not try 8.5.3?

I have seen it a few times before on other projects, but on many projects the load is maxed out it stop mode, which doesn’t really make sense… It’s a windows 10 computer with a Focusrite usb soundcard, and I have tried any possible combination of settings with ASIO with no change… I can’t really uninstall 3rd party plugs, since I only have Kontakt and Realguitar/Realstrat installed and it is those two I use in the song, and most other songs I make.
I haven’t updated to 8.5.3 because it doesn’t seem like it is any correction regarding this…

But it just doesn’t make sense that the load meter is on max when it isn’t in play.

no mention of uninstalling, just remove from project. If removing all instances Realguitar from project fixes the issue then you know the cause of the problem. No?

So what is the problem with 8.5.3 update that is stopping you trying it?

Oh I see :slight_smile: I have actually tried bypassing some effects on some of the guitar tracks, and it helped… It just doesn’t make sense either since it maybe 2-3 comp/eq etc on each track and it’s all cubase’s own effects… Normally my computer can easilly run several effects on many more tracks than this… And as you can see in the video it has no problem running the song, and it’s only when I solo a track…
So the computer is fast enough when playing it all, and when I solo a track it suddently isn’t, unless I bypass some effects… I just don’t get it :slight_smile:

How about if you disarm all tracks?

Otherwise…Update Cubase. Try to remove plugs. Think I may have mentioned that already!