Strange behavior recording midi tracks

I am still quite new to Cubase and just now trying new things. I am starting on an orchestral template using EastWest Quantam Leap Symphonic Orchestra. I set up a woodwind section using 8 tracks and keyswitched patches. What I wanted to do was to record the first track, then rewind and press the down arrow and immediately go to track two and record that part along with the first. However, if there is no event on track two, the focus will not go to track two. It just goes to the next track that has events on it. I have to mouse click on track two to get it ready to record. Surely I am doing something wrong or this is a bug. This would seem to be a logical way to input orchestral parts. Also, when I press record on a blank track, it sporadically goes to the next track and starts recording there. This happens about 1/4 of the times that I start to record on the template.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Not sure about the second problem, but there’s a preference for up/down arrow only choosing tracks, not clips.

Thanks enjneer, that did fix the problem after I finally found the preference. In case anyone else needs it, it is called " Use Up/Down Navigation Commands for Selecting Tracks only " and is in the main Editing preference. By the way, for some reason, that seems to have fixed the other problem, or it just fixed itself, like computers sometimes do.

Thanks again


My pleasure!

Those preferences… My god, they’re awful, eh?