Strange behavior with Group Tracks

I’m doing the stereo mix of a score I composed for a film. I bussed all of the music tracks to a master bus to control under the dialog/FX print the client provided. I labeled this bus Master Bus A.

I added a couple of compressors to the master buss as well as a delay and reverb. Here’s where things got weird. The inserts loaded fine. But the reverb and delay wouldn’t show up in the drop down menu of the aux sends. :astonished: I couldn’t figure it out. Based on issues I’d had with “Dead Channels,” I decided to just make a new Group track and try again. This time the delay and reverb showed up in the menu as expected. Great!

So, now I routed everything over to the new master bus, which I labeled Master Bus B. Now that I no longer needed the A bus, I opted to delete it. But it told me that I had data and tracks still associated with it. So, I did the “show all connected tracks” option and it didn’t show anything. The track had already proven to be flakey, so I just deleted it.

Then I noticed that my Master Delay and Reverb were assigned to Master Bus A. When I tried to reassign it to Master Bus B. It was not given as an option. WTH?!!? Both A & B are going to the same stereo out, so I can still work with this configuration. But I don’t understand WHY I couldn’t just assign the FX to the master bus I wanted.

Anybody seen anything like this before. What am I doing wrong that would cause something like this? :question:

Have you watched out for any kind of potential feedback loops? Nuendo will not allow them, even if you try to create them consciously.


If the signal flow is Track > Reverb > Master Group A, then you cannot go back to Reverb because you are creating a feedback loop with the Reverb’s input.

On a side note I wish it could do that, so that we could use Waves’ Q Clone and analyze every Plug in’s EQ curve; we can only do it physically with cables.
Protools and a few other DAWs can do that.