Strange behavior with lanes in Cubase 12

In three separate projects, I’ve now seen the same thing with the latest couple of updates - I record a bunch of audio takes, expand the lanes, make some edits, then see that some of the edits that SHOULD be playing, are not - they should be “on top” but they aren’t. They are in the correct order, numbered correctly, but for some reason, I need to move them to the top in order to hear them, then that messes up edits down the line. Very frustrating and feels buggy.

Anyone have any suggestions for potentially fixing this?

Pic attached with an example - you can see that the electric guitar solo should be playing in places where the part under it is actually playing instead.

Selecting an Audio Event and setting an Event to be the one that plays are 2 different actions. I suspect you might be conflating them. It doesn’t matter which Lane the Audio Event is on, only that it’s set to play and not just Selected.

Yes. I understand that. I am saying it is broken. When I edit my take, sometimes Cubase plays from the wrong lane. So in order to get the segment I want to play, to actually play, I have to manually select it and move it to the “front”.

I don’t understand what this might mean. What are the actual steps you are taking (e.g. click on this Audio Event with the Comp Tool) and how do the results vary from what you expect.

Cut the last take, slide right so the previous take plays, but instead, the take above that one plays in the same place in time as the edit was made. Did you look at my image I uploaded? It shows clearly that the wrong take is playing.

What might seem totally obvious to you because you’ve actually experienced the situation, may not be obvious to others who haven’t had that experience. Without a precise description it is near impossible to make useful suggestions.

For example this is very confusing

It seems to be saying there are three Lanes/Takes involved - 1) the last take which you slid right 2) a take above it that you expect to play 3) a take above that which actually did play. When I read the sentence that’s the only way it makes sense. Yet in the picture there are only two Lanes not three. So I can’t reconcile what you are saying with what’s in the picture.

When I look at your picture it looks exactly as I’d expect it would if the sections marked with a check had been selected to play by using the Comp Tool. Which of those six sections is the wrong one, and what should be playing in it’s place?

OK. I made a video that describes the behavior. Thanks for your help in diagnosing what might be going on. Again - it’s not this one project. This is like the 4th time I’ve experienced this,.

Link to a short video describing the issue:

Well i dont see anything wrong except that you must use the Comp Tool to select wich parts that should play after you´re done with your cutting.

Then there must have been a behavior change in Cubase 12. I’ve never had to do that before, and I’ve been using Cubase since 1997.


No, it has always been the Comp Tool since I started on SX. There is however an alternative method using the Select (Arrow) Tool. When you hover over an Audio Event on a Lane on the bottom edge in the center a small black square appears (you can see this on your video). If you click on that it does the same thing as clicking the Event with the Comp Tool. Perhaps that’s what you used before?

What you saw is how I’ve been doing it for years.

And for most of my projects, it works great. If I run into issues at this point, I will use the comp tool.

All good.

Thx y’all.