Strange (?) behaviour CC1

I composed a few notes for 4 horns. I use the spitfire BBCSO Horn patch (long). CC11 nicely follows the dynamics from p to mp.

Next, I add a line for CC1 (line between the two points in the CC1 lane). Why does Dorico automatically add these thin grey lines in CC1? If I play, then the line is followed (slowly increasing CC1) but at the points where the grey line goes down to zero or up to the max then CC1 follows the grey line. Thus CC1 is all over the place giving a very erratic playback of the horns.

I tried disabling ’ Use pitch contour emphasis’ but not luck.

What am i missing?

We’ll need to see the project (preferably cut down to just the smallest number of instruments and bars that still reproduce the problem) to be able to tell you why this is happening. Evidently something else in your score is causing Dorico to believe that the CC1 value should be zero, and so your edit and Dorico’s automatic playback are fighting with each other.

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Do you have Independent Voice Playback activated? If so, try deactivating it and see if that solves the issue. This is normally caused by an independent voice velocity/dynamic level conflict, or what ever you have driving CC1, in my experience.

Still not sure what was causing this (probably accidently moved some faders on my controllers). I re-entered the problematic parts. Solved.