strange behaviour when entering lyrics - spacebar doesn't advance you to the next note (just a visual thing)

Just curious - why is that?
lyrics advancement.gif
(I pressed the spacebar)

the project:
aleluja velikonoce.7z (654 KB)

I am sorry, it does, you can delete this thread … but try to continue writing some additional lyrics … I think the way the lyrics popover moves is confusing

Dear hpta,
Actually, I find that the popover rectangle is strangely shifted to the left in your video. It should somewhat be left aligned with the note on which you’re working. Looks like a display glitch to me…
[Edit] It shows ok on my computer.

Capture d’écran 2019-04-15 à 11.37.54.png
Capture d’écran 2019-04-15 à 11.32.45.png

hmm, maybe it’s not this project-related. I entered the whole thing (and also changed the font, and saved it) and the alignment of the lyrics popover is ok, and even when I open the zipped file it’s ok …
I tried from the scratch the same thing (not completely, the whole process involved xml import from photoscore into the template file, sorting out the mess, inputting and deleting barlines and breath marks, insert mode, shifting various notes, also changed orientation from landscape to portrait, removed one staff in the middle, quite a lot of things) but could’t reproduce the problem.

I’ve had this happen before and have posted about it, although I can’t find the thread at the moment. It’s annoying but easily remedied. Usually just shifting the viewing screen slightly and trying again fixes it for me.