Strange behaviour when importing midi files


Just imported a couple of scores from Sib using midi files. For some reason the musicxml didn’t work. Anyhow, som strange things are happening. For instance slured quarter notes playback staccato on the first note in that particular bar. It’s only happening in just that bar, in the middle of the piece. Very strange.

I’ve tried and delete the content of the bar and re-enter the music, same result. I started thinking that there might be hidden midi information. Could that be the case?

Is there a way to make midi information visible? That is, if there’s any such thing.


Dear Olfdan,
Have you tried to export XML with the Dolet (free) plug-in? It delivers good results (unless there are too many complicated tuplets and voices…)
XML import is highly recommended when it comes to considering importing MIDI stuff. Sorry for not answering your question — I have never used MIDI import in Dorico

Hi Marc!

No I haven’t tried the Dolet. I’ll give it a go.
Thanks for the tip!

If you want to cut down the troublesome project so that only the bar with the strange playback is left and attach it here, we’d be happy to take a look.