Strange behaviour when importing XML files

Just to let you know that I have noticed that sometimes, strange things happen when importing XML files (former projects made in Sibelius). For instance, in a vocal duet + piano, all hyphens have disappeared.
BUT everything is perfect if I close the project and reopen it ! I thought it could be useful to know that. No need to waste time to try to fix a score when a relaunch does the trick !

I’ve noticed this with a number of issues. Recently, when entering notes in the second system of a piece, Dorico started entering vertical space between that system and the one above it in small increments with each note entered. By the time I was at the end of the system, the second system and those below it were all squashed at the bottom of the page. I thought to use the new vertical spacing function but decided to save and relaunch the score. That solved the problem. I’ve also had this with the occasional spacing anomaly.