Strange behaviour with 4K display at 150% scaling

There seem to be several bugs in Cubase 10 that appear in my multi-monitor setup. My main display is a 32" Samsung 4K at the recommended scaling setting of 150%, the other two displays run at 1680x1050.

  1. Menu bar: When I minimize and maximize the application or switch to a different workplace, the menu bar gets messed up with menu items appearing at a smaller font size:
  2. Many of the popup menus appear in a smaller size at a wrong position and don’t follow my 150% setting:
  3. Plugin snapshots: All snapshots that I take show a larger section of the screen instead of the plugin window only:

    Can anyone confirm these issues?

I have the same issue with the menu bar and pop-ups.
During a session the fonts will be the correct size initially then they will get smaller later.
They will randomly go back and forth between small and normal font during an editing session.
I also see this same switching between normal and smaller font with the Start menu.
So I was thinking its something Microsoft or the video manufacturer has to address.

I have a 4 monitor setup with a GeForce 1060 adapter.
Main monitor is 4K running at 3840 x 2160 and 150%, one monitor is 2K at 1920 x 1080, one monitor is 2K at 1080 x 1920 (portrait) and one is a super wide monitor at 3440 x 1440.

No problems with the four monitor setup other than the small almost unreadable fonts on the 4K monitor.

The same issue with the menu bar and pop-ups; 3 Dell monitors; main one [32"] is 4K running at 3840 x 2160 and 150%, two others [24"] are 4K - 3840 x 2160 and 200%

This was an issue in 9.5 as well. The way I’ve always gotten around it is to double click the title bar on my hi rez monitor before trying to use the tool bar. Wish they would fix this.

Resurrecting this as I’m a new user and experiencing this. The menu bar fonts appear as per the screenshot above with 10.0.20, so still hasn’t been fixed.

I’ve noticed that fonts in the MixConsole also change in size.

I’d like to see a fix soon, but given that this bug was in 9.5, I don’t hold much hope.

On 10.0.3 and…

Not even using 4k here, two monitors built into a custom desk both of which are 1440x900. The main Menu without a project loaded is clearly a little deeper in size/thicker (with a bigger Cubase icon) than the Mainmenu that is created as part of the maximised project window or maximised Mix Console. This is slightly thinner!

I think here lies the problem. When the size of the main menu collide with the slightly less deep menu created as part of the project window then the drop downs are off centre! Poor Cubase gets confused by two different sized menus. it corrects itself when minimising and maximising. I donno it’s just my theory.

All my scaling is default in windows, no resize etc, defaults were built from scratch.

Same problems here - any fixes anyone?

Unfortunately not. The only workaround I found is to switch display resolution to 2560x1440, which equals 150% scaling, and leave Cubase at 100%. It doesn’t look as good and clear as with full resolution and scaling, but it works.