Strange bug clip fx audio montage (Weiss De-esser)


I’m a fan of using plugins as clip effects in the inspector window in the audio montage. However, when I engage the Softube Weiss De-esser plugin, the plugin is visible but is not working. All other plugins work just fine, except this one.
In the master section it works fine, so I can use that as a backdoor. But this is very strange.

There are a few iterations of this plugin. There is the full DS1-MK3 plugin that looks like the hardware, and there is the offshoot “Weiss Deess” plugin, as well as the Compressor/Limiter and some others.

Are you referring to the full DS1-MK3 plugin? I just tested that and the Weiss Deess plugin and it works on playback and rendering as a clip FX on MacOS 10.14.6

Are you using VST2 or VST3? I would try the opposite as a test.

It seems like something Softube would have to fix on their end if they are willing to support WaveLab specifically. Most developers test and support only Cubase.

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the tip, moving from VST to VST3 did the job!
And I was referring to the Deess plugin.


Intersting. Usually it’s VST3 that has more issues and VST2 is more stable but sometimes you never know. If you want, you could report the issue to Softube since they most likely have to fix it.