Strange bug with dynamics


I just thought I’d report this - no big deal at all - you can just input the dynamics in two goes, after all, but just thought I’d let you know…
If I type something more complicated, like the screen shot, all in one go, I get a weird ‘n’ every time. It only happens when I combine a dynamic with an expression with a hairpin, I think.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 12.26.26.png

Can you tell us exactly what you typed in? That is a “niente” n

Hi! I typed in (after getting the dynamic box up)

mp cantabile < mf

Just tried it again and happened again…

Also happened with other dynamics in combination with a dynamic + expression + hairpin…


This is caused by some over-zealous attempts to find “niente” in the string you’re entering into the dynamics popover. We’ll fix this!