Strange bug with playing technique...

I’ve got strange behavior when I work with a glissando:

Somewhere on the stave (2 bars before) I have set a playing technique (half barre), no property set.
When I want to change a glissando (or any other property) 2 bars further the half barre line moves higher and higher.
With each click into the property panel (on/off) the line with the half barre indicator moves a step higher.
Then I have to change to Engrave mode and back to Write mode and the line of the half barre indicator is in the right place again.

I made a short mov video (6MB) but I can not upload the video.

This used to happen with dynamics, but in this case they moved lower and lower. Last time I checked this with the forum the team was aware of it and suggested to let it pass, since the actual dynamic marking is in the correct place in the layout (as you checked by yourself by switching between modes).

Thanks. So I suppose they already have this on their TODO lists for one of the next minor updates.

Please cut down the project to the smallest section that reproduces the problem (by deleting other staves, bars, pages), then zip it up and attach it here. Thank you!

After a restart from Dorico (because I wanted to copy the project) I didn’t see this behavior again.

You can watch the behavior here: - Google Drive

I wanted to edit the glissando property and with each click the half barre moves higher.
After a switch of modi all is ok.