Strange choice of stem direction


in the attached image the stem direction of the two c:s in the viola does not seem right to me. I know that I can force stem direction, but is there a setting to avoid this?

stem direction.PNG

…I just found that if I change the eighths to quarters, the stems both go up.

Attached image?

Ooops. I updated my original post, thanks!

Actually I found by chance a cello part with a two notes tied together with different stem directions so maybe this is common practice. Is it?

Was this imported from a MusicXML file?

No, written from scratch.

I think it’s the option stem direction for notes on the middle line of the staff on the notes page of engraving options. The rest seems to break the context rule for the second C.

That’s what I also thought: The first c goes up because the note before it was up, but after the rest Dorico treats the next note as “without context”, so it goes down again.
Still, looks strange.

(But, to be honest, all notes on the middle line with their stems pointing up look wrong to me, so …)

You can always reset this default in the Engraving Options.