Strange Chord Sign Duplication in Bass Line

After having entered chord signs into a guitar part, I noticed that Dorico had duplicated these into the contrabass part below. :rage:

If I try to delete these from the contrabass part, they disappear from the guitar part.

How do I get rid of the appearance of these chord symbols in a part where they do not belong?

I tried making a new contrabass part and re-entering all the notes, so as just to delete the contrabass part into which the guitar chords had seeped, but the guitar chords then appeared in the new contrabass part as well. :sob:

Does anyone know what is going on and why?

Setup. Right click the player. Choose your options for showing/hiding chord symbols/diagrams

Oh you are clever Janus. :grinning: Thank you.

Select ‘Show in Chord Symbol and Slash Regions’.

Not that @Janus is not clever, but the key is that he has probably read the documentation.