Strange copy/paste in same staff behaviour

Hello, something strange’s happening when I paste notes: I copy, say, a single staff piano bar (or portion of bar) and want to paste it in the following one, but Dorico pastes it on the first upper staff (see video gif). What am I doing wrong? I’ve been using Dorico for more than two years now and this never happened.
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Could you post the project? I wonder if it’s posssible that some of these notes have been crossed onto a different staff, so that they are drawing on a different instrument than the one they belong to.

Forever UPDATE - We Will Rock You (slow).dorico (3.1 MB)
Here’s the project. I just wrote those notes as usual, then I’m quite sure they were intended specifically on that staff (which is a Keyboard RH staff, btw). Going on in the project, I found that it pastes on the first staff only if all staves are empty (in this case, if I pasted on bar 68, for example, the operation would go smoothly as usual). Also, this particular empty bar (67) was black in this colour-by-voice visualisation, while others keep the normal voice colour even if empty: when I pasted on those fully black bars Dorico pastes in the first staff, when they have normal colours, pasting is fine. Any idea?

Aah, that may be because it’s actually a (1-bar) multi-bar rest I think, and multi-bar rests don’t belong to a specific staff. You might want to switch off the option for multi-bar rests in your score layout.

Actually on further investigation that might not be the problem here, but it does look like your project was last saved in v4.0.0, which suggests you aren’t using the most recent release. I would suggest upgrading to v4.0.20 first and then seeing if the problem still occurs.

I reproduced the problem with the above file, only after turning on multirests – and the difference in that setting is invisible in this file unless you make more than one empty bar in a row (or view implicit rests in grey). So I thought it was a very likely explanation.

If the OP can reproduce the problem without multirests on, that would have to be something else.

Yes, if multirests are on I can reproduce the problem, but they aren’t turned on in the file as attached here, so I wonder if something else is happening.

Some observations.
I don’t know if they will contribute anything useful, but here goes.

As mentioned, if multirests are on and all the staves in the target bar are empty, the problem can be reproduced.

If I clicked on any staff in bar 66 and copied the contents, then clicked on any staff in bar 67 and pasted (using the key command or the contextual menu), the paste always happened in the top staff of the system.

If I selected the whole bar in any staff and then pressed “R”, the paste happened in the next bar in the same staff.

If I selected the whole bar in any staff and copied it then selected the last note or rest in that bar and pressed right arrow, the paste happened in the next bar in the same staff.

Actually multirests was the problem: turning them off solved the issue.
Thanks to everybody!

I had another strange copy/paste experience:
I am working on a trio sonata, violin, oboe and Basso continuo. I had finished inputting the bass line and the violin part. Then I started inputting the oboe part into the score. As I had some tricky changes from tuplets to regular notes, I copied some bars from the violin part (as they had the same pattern I needed for the oboe line) and pasted them to the oboe system. But: the pasting did not work, instead I ended up in a “select all” situation, where everything was highlighted, bit nothing had been pasted. Just to exclude voicing error, I selected the complete score and made sure, all notes were upstem voice 1.
I then tried again to copy and paste and wasn’t successful again.
The only possible way was to “Paste Special” “Paste into Upstem Voice 1“.

Hello, any image of what you did? About tuplets, make sure you select not only the notes in the tuplet, but also the tuplet itself (the bracket and/or the number), otherwise Dorico will paste only the notes and adapt the rhythm.

yes I copied everything, including the tuplet flags - and nothing got pasted, not even the noteheads…