Strange Cu10 for sale on eBay???

Hi all,

I noticed a few sellers offering second hand Cu10 licences for pennies on eBay.

One such example:

Description says taken from old PC instant download.
Also says no usb required etc.

How is this possible as my understanding is that an active code must be added to eLicencer for Cubase to run.

Seems dodgy, anyone know what the deal is??


If it “seems dodgy”, it probably is. Second hand with no USB-eLicenser included? Yeah, right … :unamused:

I definitely wouldn’t bite on that “deal”.

From the forum rules:

Fraud, plain and simple, imo. A glance at the listing reveals that none of the seller’s feedback is more than a month old, and many product details are missing or wrong so one can presume this a scam where the seller purchases from their own store then leaves feedback. They don’t even try hard. Notice how none of the feedback reviews contain words related to sequencers, music or media- just copied and pasted.

But I wonder. :open_mouth: Did the replies come in time to prevent a purchase?

I always try to report such ebay sellers

It’s either a crack or a scam so, best keep away.