Strange digital noise - can someone help?

I don’t think this is 100% Steinberg related but maybe someone will help.

I have strange digital noise / seems like grounding (?), software issue.

Sounds like this: - I recorded that Battlefield 1 beginning with microphone, since when you record from card directly it almost doesn’t exist. Muted few times in the middle - doesn’t depend on mute.

  1. Mostly can be heard in games, ‘heavy’ ones. Tones dissapear / change when switching menus, moving mouse, etc.
  2. AMD 1700 - 370x motherboard, all drivers updated.
  3. Videocard - 2080super. All drivers updated. Seems like that is most likely card related (was behaving like that with 2070 before).
  4. All other sound devices either disabled or uninstalled (NVidia HD audio driver / onboard sound / etc.)
  5. All cables are quality cables but that doesn’t matter - I can hear it in headphones or monitors.
  6. Everything is grounded up - I even have power conditioner most of power cables go to. Monitors are specially powered from a different outlet.

Can someone advice what that might be? It is driving me nuts.


When I acquired my first UR device I found balanced cables from the device to the speakers stopped that. Of course this isn’t what you asked, but I thought I’d post it. Have you tried balanced TRS or XLR cables to the speakers, just for the sake of troubleshooting?

I don’t think this is a grounding problem, but maybe a shielding problem, which balanced lines null out. but I’m not an electronics whiz,so i don’t know, really.

Here’s a post that discusses it, one among many… one member suggests using a higher quality USB cable, and if that sounds like jive, well I did have a different device for which a thicker and higher quality cable solved the problem. (different case- the device wasn’t getting enough voltage from the wall wart to run)

Monitors are connected with balanced cables, of course. Thanks.

What audio device are you running?


Well, from what I had read when I had this problem, it comes down to electrical noise going where it shouldn’t- normally prevented by balanced lines and/or shielding. So based on what you’ve done/said already, I’d look at the USB-C cable, if you haven’t already. Sorry I don’t have something more substantive.